Lasers are very new in treating nail fungus and we have been searching for well over a year to find the right laser. We believe we have now found this sophisticated laser on the market with the power to offer our clients a new option in the treatment of nail fungus.  We are happy to report that our laser has been cleared by the US FDA.


Onychomycosis (toenail fungus) is an infection of the nail and skin that effects millions of people worldwide. It is a difficult infection to treat. Fungus that lives under the nails causes the nail to be discoloured, thickened and crumbly. If untreated it can lead to deformity and loosening of the nails.

There is no perfect treatment for nail fungus, however the latest studies usings lasers have shown a success rate of 80 – 84%.

Using one of the most advanced lasers available, a light passes through the nail killing the fungus while heaving the nail and surrounding soft tissue unharmed.

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