To eliminate fungus infection of the nails you can do a successfull treatment at The Hague Nail Laser Center. We introduce the revolutionary footlaser. A major leap forward in the medical treatment of toe nail fungus. Over 50.000 treatments have been successfully carried out in the U.K. and the USA but it has only recently been made available in The Netherlands.

Laser treatment

A laser light passes through the nail, destroy the fungus infection without causing damage to it or the skin around it.

Finally, there is a highly effective alternative to lotions and potentially harmful pills that don’t actually work and can require months of treatment. The laser has an 84% success rate in eliminating the fungus in 4 sessions.   Treatments to be done within 7 to 10 days in between and no anaesthesia is needed. After these treatments the nails should become clear and healthy as they grow out within 6 to 12 months. No oral drugs are required and no adverse effects have been reported.

Contra indication: The laser treatment for eliminate fungus infection of the nails is not suitable for patients who suffer from epilepsy.

Nail fungal elimination

Trying to eliminate a nail fungal? Nail Laser Center is experienced with the elimination of nail fungal. With the research and knowledge we like to treat the nail fungal problem.The treatment is safe, fast and suitable for all ages. Please contact us for more information!

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